1996: Psychology of Minority Politics (Abstract)

1996: Abstract of  Essay „ Psychology of Minority Politics.The Taboo of the Subjective and the Missing “Contrat National”

(original in German, published 1996 in „Europäische Rundschau“, Vienna), in Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative, Budapest/Hungary:

A human growing up in a minority situation “adopts” his or her own ethnic-cultural identity very early, during the pre-rational-phase. Differences between one ́s own ethnic group and others can not be looked at objectively, but are classified into “good” and “bad.” One ́s own group is of course viewed as the good and the better one. As a result, a pseudo-rational explication for this judging will be needed needed and is often found in a vague but excessive origin-myths. Following neuro-physical constraints of the human brain,  emotions arising from such conflicts will reason will  hamper or even block reasonable discussions.
This essay deals with the emotions that result from minority conflicts at a psychological level and develops a method of steps leading  gradually  towards more and more autonomy.  The sequence of steps would aim at achieving emotional balance and should go from simple cultural autonomy to administrative autonomy, legislative autonomy in various degrees and in extreme cases even to full independencc. Between steps, however, there should be a cooling-down period long enough to see whether the new status of autonomy would be able to achieve general consensus. Thus and with emotions reduced to a sustainable level, it would also be possible to have reasonable discussions about the pros and cons of the next step, in particular the burdens of full independence. In particul, sufficient time  to allow  However,  until  an emotional balance is reached.  This model has many parallels with subsidiarity and constitutional devolution, opening new ways for a new and more regional Europe.

24 (1996) 4, 113-119. GE